Thursday, August 11, 2011

I recently quit my job. Not necessarily something that's considered smart or honorable in today's society. In addition to quitting my job, I am not seeking a new one. To those around me it must seem as though I've lost my mind, or that I'm being unwise, but those closest to me might also believe I have quit my job solely based on the fact that I didn't appreciate my boss. This is not the truth. Sure the unhealthy circumstance at my most recent employer had an influence on my decision, but not really a big one.

The truth is this, that I don't want my life to revolve around money. I think that as Americans we are bred with the idea that life does in fact revolve around money, and that you must obtain as much money as possible to be as happy as possible. In reality this is a lie. A lie from the pit of hell. Satan has tricked us. I'm pretty sure he is the originator of the "American Dream". The American dream tells us we must have a house, and a boat and a lot of friends and 2 and 1/2 kids and a dog to be happy. Society demands that we must have 2 income houses to obtain this. But divorce rates, depression rates, debt rates and happy families are at all time lows.

We have lost focus, we have altogether pursued a dream that is really a nightmare, and our society reeks of the implications and results of this dream.

I believe God has a much bigger dream for us. One that consists of true joy and fullness. One that is not built on things that pass away, but things that don't.

I think I've often portrayed that my dream is to have a big family, in the biggest house possible. I think I've made those around me believe that my dream is the American Dream. That I'll probably want a boat and a trailer and an SUV, and .. and.. and..

I'm sorry if I've made you believe this. I do like houses, and I do want to have children... but my heart is this: That those closest to me would know of my love for them, and most importantly would know of Jesus' love for them. It is my dream that my life would be only a reflection of Him who was, who is and who is to come. My dream is that my life would be so full of joy and so empty of superficial things that He would be the only answer to the way I live my life.

In reality We moved to Utah, not so that we could get jobs, buy a house and settle down, but so that we could build Relationships. So that we could spend time with the ones we love. So that we could say yes to Sunday dinners, and yes to showing up to the fair, and Yes to lunch with mom, and YES to the everyday small things. So that we could Love on those who we love. So that we could live lives that reflect the One we love. If we wanted the American Dream we could have had it in Portland. We had great paying jobs, great community, and the opportunity to pursue ourselves. But my dream is not to pursue myself, but to pursue Jesus and to pursue him with my whole life.

My days are now filled not with meaningless work, but with the opportunity to serve others, and to spend time with others. I am pursuing the dream that I believe God has for me, I am pursuing things that will not pass away, or mold or perish but things that are everlasting, and may that always be the case in my life. May it be filled with love, patience and kindness, may God's grace be poured out through me. May his glory shine through our lives. May these broken pots be made beautiful by the creator, and may he alone be glorified, forever and ever amen!


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