Feminine Appeal

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Feminine Appeal... sounds so nice huh? Or maybe it sounds bad to you. It is the name of the book I am reading right now. Actually, I've read it once before and I felt revolutionized by it. Once again as I delve into the words of Carolyn Mahaney I am invigorated with her words of wisdom. The books subtitle is: Seven Virtues of a Godly Wife and Mother and it is based off of Titus 2: 3-5.

"Older women likewise are to be reverent in behavior, not slanderers or slaves to much wine. They are to teach what is good, and so train the young women to love their husbands and children, to be self-controlled, pure, working at home, kind and submissive to their own husbands, that the word of God may not be reviled."

She spends a chapter speaking about each of the characteristics that the older women are to teach the younger women. So far I have read up through "working at home" and due to my previous post about staying at home, I would like to share a bit of what she says.

"Homemaking is a vocation often filled with mundane tasks and repetitive chores, most of which are performed in obscurity. It demands a colossal amount of serving and sacrifice. Sometimes between scrubbing toilets or laundering dirty clothes, we can lose sight of the significance of our callings. We look around us and perceive everyone engaged in meaningful work. Everyone, that is, except us. And our vision for working at home begins to flag.
"What we need is a biblical perspective. For in God's economy, homemaking is a high and noble calling. Remember our ultimate mission in emulating the Titus 2 lifestyle? By "working at home" we can present the gospel as attractive to unbelievers. Our homes can actually be a showcase for the gospel!
"When onlookers see us thriving in our role as homemaker, and when they observe the exceptional quality of family life that our efforts produce, this can pique their curiosity. They may want to find out what our secret is!
"And our home can be a place of momentous ministry. They are strategic locations from which we can reach out and extend care to those who don't yet know Christ.
"Dawsome Trotman, founder of the group called Navigators, once said: "I believe with all my heart that one of the greatest soul saving stations in the world is the home." And I love what one person observed about Dr. Francis Schaeffers's wife Edith: "As many people were brought to the Lord through Mrs. Shaeffer's cinnamon buns as through Dr. Shaeffer''s sermons!"
"As we realize the exceptional fruit that working at home can bear, we will be inspired to fashion an abode that rivals this lovely description from Peter Marshal, former chaplain of the Senate: "I was privileged, in the spring, to visit in a home that was to me - and I am sure to the occupants - a little bit of Heaven. There was beauty there. There was a keen appreciation of the finer things of life, and an atmosphere in which it was impossible to keep from thinking of God. The room was bright and white and clean, as well as cozy. There were many windows. Flowers were blooming in pots and vases, adding their fragrance and beauty. Books lined one wall - good books - inspiring and instructive - good books - good friends. Three bird cages hung in the brightness and color of this beautiful sanctuary, and the songsters voiced their appreciation by singing as if their little throats would burst. Natures music, nature's beauty - nature's peace ... it seemed to me a kind of Paradise that had wandered down, an enchanted oasis - Home.
"What an extraordinary thought - that we can create a home where it is "impossible to keep from thinking about God."
"Our houses need not resemble a page from House Beautiful magazine. Regardless of their size and style or our financial status, our homes can exude warmth and provide refreshment for all who walk through their doors. They should be pleasant havens for our husbands and children, sanctuaries where we offer care and hospitality to other Christians, and gateways from which we extend the gospel to family, friends, and neighbors.
"So I have made this my prayer: "Lord, help me to build the kind of home where all who enter find it 'impossible to keep from thinking of God.'""

I hope you find this moving. I do. That is my prayer: LORD, help me to build the kind of home where all who enter find it 'impossible to keep from thinking of God'.

The chapter I am quoting from Carolyn Mahaney's book talks of how feminism has infiltrated our society, how serving at home is unto our husbands and the Lord, and how obviously not all women can be full-time homemakers. It is rich with wisdom and encouragement, as is the rest of her book. I say if you are a woman, looking for a good book, do not pass this one up. It is full of sound biblical instruction, and an encouragement to read.

the cost

Friday, August 12, 2011

In the words of John Piper:

"It will cost you your life, to build a church that doesn't live like the rest of the world. You gotta live like that, you gotta have a flavor about your life that is risky and radical. Different"

Amen, and may it be so in my life.


For He is irresistible, and His grace is more than sufficient and I cannot breathe one breath without Him


Thursday, August 11, 2011

I recently quit my job. Not necessarily something that's considered smart or honorable in today's society. In addition to quitting my job, I am not seeking a new one. To those around me it must seem as though I've lost my mind, or that I'm being unwise, but those closest to me might also believe I have quit my job solely based on the fact that I didn't appreciate my boss. This is not the truth. Sure the unhealthy circumstance at my most recent employer had an influence on my decision, but not really a big one.

The truth is this, that I don't want my life to revolve around money. I think that as Americans we are bred with the idea that life does in fact revolve around money, and that you must obtain as much money as possible to be as happy as possible. In reality this is a lie. A lie from the pit of hell. Satan has tricked us. I'm pretty sure he is the originator of the "American Dream". The American dream tells us we must have a house, and a boat and a lot of friends and 2 and 1/2 kids and a dog to be happy. Society demands that we must have 2 income houses to obtain this. But divorce rates, depression rates, debt rates and happy families are at all time lows.

We have lost focus, we have altogether pursued a dream that is really a nightmare, and our society reeks of the implications and results of this dream.

I believe God has a much bigger dream for us. One that consists of true joy and fullness. One that is not built on things that pass away, but things that don't.

I think I've often portrayed that my dream is to have a big family, in the biggest house possible. I think I've made those around me believe that my dream is the American Dream. That I'll probably want a boat and a trailer and an SUV, and .. and.. and..

I'm sorry if I've made you believe this. I do like houses, and I do want to have children... but my heart is this: That those closest to me would know of my love for them, and most importantly would know of Jesus' love for them. It is my dream that my life would be only a reflection of Him who was, who is and who is to come. My dream is that my life would be so full of joy and so empty of superficial things that He would be the only answer to the way I live my life.

In reality We moved to Utah, not so that we could get jobs, buy a house and settle down, but so that we could build Relationships. So that we could spend time with the ones we love. So that we could say yes to Sunday dinners, and yes to showing up to the fair, and Yes to lunch with mom, and YES to the everyday small things. So that we could Love on those who we love. So that we could live lives that reflect the One we love. If we wanted the American Dream we could have had it in Portland. We had great paying jobs, great community, and the opportunity to pursue ourselves. But my dream is not to pursue myself, but to pursue Jesus and to pursue him with my whole life.

My days are now filled not with meaningless work, but with the opportunity to serve others, and to spend time with others. I am pursuing the dream that I believe God has for me, I am pursuing things that will not pass away, or mold or perish but things that are everlasting, and may that always be the case in my life. May it be filled with love, patience and kindness, may God's grace be poured out through me. May his glory shine through our lives. May these broken pots be made beautiful by the creator, and may he alone be glorified, forever and ever amen!

thank you

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Thank you Junelle for giving me a new look at lambs. Sheep. The whole mangey bunch. And thank you God for softening my heart. For breaking it even. Thank you Brian, for loving me. For forgiving me.

Lord remind me everyday that I am your little lost lamb. You came for me. You've captured my heart. Remind me.



Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Well new neighbors moved in today. I almost broke out in tears when I saw them. It's not them really, they're nice I am sure. It's me. I am so sad that my heart feels so guarded. I don't want to make new friends. I do not want new neighbors. It hurts to make new friends and then for us to be separated. This marks the second summer when my 2 closest neighbors moved. That is the way it is here. I have written before of the transient space in which I live, it's still hard. Lord help me. Help me to be hospitable, open and kind. Help my heart to not fear but trust that You work it all out for good. Help me to realize everything in my life is according to your will, that you know what's going on and You have better plans for me than I could ever imagine. I will trust you.

In other news.... I've been counting my calories this week and well... HOLY COW! Have you ever counted your calories? I have to say, this is my first time! I can tell why my weight has not been where I want it to be these days. With out even trying I consumed around 2100 calories yesterday and today! YIKES! Ok and eating out.. any food.. is CRAZY! I love it so!! But something has got to give! I freaked out when I discovered my favorite McDonald's cheeseburger, the McDouble has like 390 Cals. I mean, it is small! Two Small Patties, they have much larger sandwiches. So sad. In addition to that, Brian and I went to On the Border on Sunday night, on Monday I wanted to count my calories for my 'left overs'. I was greatly disturbed to find out that my meal was around 1900 Calories. That is enough for a whole day! Oh man! I have to get on top of this, it is crazy and I will not become chubby bunny just because I am ignorant of how may calories are in my cheeseburger.

Lucky for me, my husband and I started working out together this week. YAY! I love working out with him. It makes me want to do better when he's there and let's be honest, it is a bummer to work out alone. So thank you Beloved for working out with me, I am so glad to have you jumping around on the mat next to me!

This blog is quite random I know, but I have been looking at many blogs lately, and they are so inspiring. I want to blog more, so this is a start. I want my blog to become something to me, but I'm not sure yet, so in the mean time, here are my meanderings.

One last note. I have an account on Grooveshark. It is awesome. It's an online music site. One thing that I have been LOVING lately is listening to whole albums. When was the last time you listened to a whole album. Instead of just playing the radio, your Ipod on shuffle or a little Pandora, why don't you try listening to a whole album. It's great because there are so many songs that aren't on the radio. Try it out. Heck, try out a new artist, you never know what you'll love next. Right now I'm listening to The ArchAndroid album by Janelle Monae, last night it was Ohmega Watts and this morning Lanae Hale. May you find music that makes your heart happy.


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hmmmm. Spring, its here and then gone again. It can't decide. But today God graced me with the Sun! Praise be to him! :) I giggle with joy just because the sun came out. I even went and pulled the weeds out of the flower bed. It's getting a little late to plant lettuce I think, but I could be wrong, and after all, if the spring keeps going like it has been, the lettuce will do great!

I spent some time watching tv today. I watched 3 (eek) episodes of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. Wow. I really liked it. It made me want to look at what I eat, It was good though. I think I like him. I think we should think about what we put into our bodies. Because it really affects us. Don't get me wrong, if you know me at all you know that i LOVE mcdonalds (i know, one of my biggest flaws). Yet, the food I cook at home is basically always better tasting than the food we eat out. Not because I'm some great chef, but because food, real food is way better than processed stuff.

This idea permeates into so many areas of our life. What we put in is what comes out. It's crazy to think of how much what we put into our bodies and minds really rules us. If we put in crappy tv shows all of the time, we're going to think like the crappy tv shows make us think. We're going to talk like them, and believe in a reality that doesn't exist. We're going to be numbed to things like swearing, promiscuity, and scandal. We will start to live these things out because they are our reality. I know this is the truth in my life. If I watch crime shows, I become afraid. If I watch night-time drama's I start thinking that non-marital relations are the norm. If I watch dancing with the stars, I think all women are like skinny with big boobs. I don't really believe these things, at least not yet. But where does this road lead.... Away from real reality. Into a reality of fake boobs, fake lives, and fake truths... those are called lies.

In the same way, if we fill our minds with the things of God, things of God will permeate our lives, and even pour out of us. If we seek truth, in God's word, it will come to life inside of us. It will fill us with joy, hope, fulfillment. The true reality. The true joy's of life, that come from knowing Jesus loves us, and died for us, so that despite our flaws and imperfections we can be saved. The true hope in life, who's name is Jesus, and that through him, we can have life everlasting. The true fulfillment, that will never come from a person, or an action, but from Jesus alone. He alone has the power to give us fulfillment. Do not be fooled, truth is found in the Bible, truth is found in the person of Jesus.

A bit of anxiety creeps into my heart, as the sun fades behind the clouds. I hate the clouds. My mood gets sadder every time they hide the light from my face, but I have a joy that lies deeper than my mood. A hope that lies further than my emotions. A fulfillment that is more than my winter depression. Praise God that Jesus is my true light, the true Son. Because as winter drags on, and false realities fight to win in my life, I know that Jesus loves me, that he gave his life for me, and that is my reality!

Confused Flowers

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I think spring has come, but I am nervous to write these words, because the instant I do it will probably start raining again. It is beautiful. There are flowers in front of my apartment, and I can see the buds on the trees bursting, getting ready to come out! :) EEK! YAY!! The sun has been coming out! There are even flowers on one of the trees across the street. They must be confused you see, they are showing their bright beautiful pink faces, but It is still only February. But shhhh. I wont tell them, because I am glad they've come out! I am so glad. I cannot stop praising God for the sun shine. I feel so much better when it comes out! Thank you Lord for being gracious towards me. Thank you for letting the sun shine in Portland just for me! I feel so rejuvinated by it! Oh and Lord, thank you for being so gracious with me. You continually call me back, and you continually pour your love out in my heart. I am so blessed to see your beauty all around me, not only in the flowers, but in the people around me. Thanks for new friends, and fun friends. Lord thank you for old friends, and for family friends. Sometimes I just can't believe how you've blessed me. Please let the sun continue to shine in my heart, even when it doesn't show its face in the sky, and please help my heart to be overflowing with that same shine, so that I can shine the Son on those around me. I love you Jesus.

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