Confused Flowers

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I think spring has come, but I am nervous to write these words, because the instant I do it will probably start raining again. It is beautiful. There are flowers in front of my apartment, and I can see the buds on the trees bursting, getting ready to come out! :) EEK! YAY!! The sun has been coming out! There are even flowers on one of the trees across the street. They must be confused you see, they are showing their bright beautiful pink faces, but It is still only February. But shhhh. I wont tell them, because I am glad they've come out! I am so glad. I cannot stop praising God for the sun shine. I feel so much better when it comes out! Thank you Lord for being gracious towards me. Thank you for letting the sun shine in Portland just for me! I feel so rejuvinated by it! Oh and Lord, thank you for being so gracious with me. You continually call me back, and you continually pour your love out in my heart. I am so blessed to see your beauty all around me, not only in the flowers, but in the people around me. Thanks for new friends, and fun friends. Lord thank you for old friends, and for family friends. Sometimes I just can't believe how you've blessed me. Please let the sun continue to shine in my heart, even when it doesn't show its face in the sky, and please help my heart to be overflowing with that same shine, so that I can shine the Son on those around me. I love you Jesus.


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