Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hmmmm. Spring, its here and then gone again. It can't decide. But today God graced me with the Sun! Praise be to him! :) I giggle with joy just because the sun came out. I even went and pulled the weeds out of the flower bed. It's getting a little late to plant lettuce I think, but I could be wrong, and after all, if the spring keeps going like it has been, the lettuce will do great!

I spent some time watching tv today. I watched 3 (eek) episodes of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. Wow. I really liked it. It made me want to look at what I eat, It was good though. I think I like him. I think we should think about what we put into our bodies. Because it really affects us. Don't get me wrong, if you know me at all you know that i LOVE mcdonalds (i know, one of my biggest flaws). Yet, the food I cook at home is basically always better tasting than the food we eat out. Not because I'm some great chef, but because food, real food is way better than processed stuff.

This idea permeates into so many areas of our life. What we put in is what comes out. It's crazy to think of how much what we put into our bodies and minds really rules us. If we put in crappy tv shows all of the time, we're going to think like the crappy tv shows make us think. We're going to talk like them, and believe in a reality that doesn't exist. We're going to be numbed to things like swearing, promiscuity, and scandal. We will start to live these things out because they are our reality. I know this is the truth in my life. If I watch crime shows, I become afraid. If I watch night-time drama's I start thinking that non-marital relations are the norm. If I watch dancing with the stars, I think all women are like skinny with big boobs. I don't really believe these things, at least not yet. But where does this road lead.... Away from real reality. Into a reality of fake boobs, fake lives, and fake truths... those are called lies.

In the same way, if we fill our minds with the things of God, things of God will permeate our lives, and even pour out of us. If we seek truth, in God's word, it will come to life inside of us. It will fill us with joy, hope, fulfillment. The true reality. The true joy's of life, that come from knowing Jesus loves us, and died for us, so that despite our flaws and imperfections we can be saved. The true hope in life, who's name is Jesus, and that through him, we can have life everlasting. The true fulfillment, that will never come from a person, or an action, but from Jesus alone. He alone has the power to give us fulfillment. Do not be fooled, truth is found in the Bible, truth is found in the person of Jesus.

A bit of anxiety creeps into my heart, as the sun fades behind the clouds. I hate the clouds. My mood gets sadder every time they hide the light from my face, but I have a joy that lies deeper than my mood. A hope that lies further than my emotions. A fulfillment that is more than my winter depression. Praise God that Jesus is my true light, the true Son. Because as winter drags on, and false realities fight to win in my life, I know that Jesus loves me, that he gave his life for me, and that is my reality!


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