Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Oregon Coast: People say it's awesome, and I would agree... Mostly. When the sun does come out, which is very rarely, and when it's warm, which is not hardly ever I suppose it's probably awesome to hang out there. But I do have to say, that even when it's cold, and wet, and cloudy and grey, which is the majority of the time, It is beautiful. It's not like the beach at San Diego, and I don't crave the Oregon Coast, but the waves are big, and the sound is beautiful. The pelicans take sweeping glides back and forth where the waves crash against the sand. The water running from a small fall creates a multi-colored pattern in the sand which is polka dotted with seashells and seaweed. Even as I shivered I was amazed at God's beauty and majesty. He is the amazing Creator of all, and HE is Amazing.


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