It's Back

Sunday, September 6, 2009

On Monday, Brian began school again, and I started in on my new year long adventure of being the Youth Director at Parklane. All week long I've been wandering around doing what we(we being Brian and I) like to call "wifey things". In the mornings I wake up and get breakfast, in the afternoon I spend time with God, and reading, in the early evening I make dinner. I'm able to care for my house and my husband, it's wonderful! I've also been gearing up for my new job by reading books, and visiting the office and Youth Group on Wed. I am excited to see what God will do for me, and us in this time of change and growth.

On Friday I made a meatloaf. People think you can add whatever you want to a meatloaf; the truth is that is not the truth! I mean I'm sure everyone thinks they make the best meatloaf ever, but for some reason I think mine is the best. Probably because I don't add Mustard or Oatmeal, these are two ingredients that should never be added to a meatloaf. Anyways, as always the meatloaf was awesome. I have to say, I do love to cook. When we first got married I thought i would like to cook dinner for my husband, but I love to cook. It is quickly become my favorite hobby. I feel like I'm definately getting the hang of somethings in the kitchen and it is great. For instance, I made homemade biscuts for biscuts and gravy today, they were delicious. It is so joyful to make something and have it taste good. It's like the kind of art I'm good at!

As for what is back, well it's the rain. I suppose the summer is over now, being since today is the second day in a row that it is raining. I hope it clears up though because I am not quite ready for the fall. I'm not quite ready for jackets and scarfs, and I'm definately not ready for miserably cloudy days. And although I whine and cry about the rain, Jesus still is a Good God, for even now as I write about the rain the sun comes out and floods my apartment, reminding me that I am loved.


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