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Friday, September 25, 2009

Alright, so here's the thing about me having a blog. I have this crazy desire/ something that makes me always want to write something really profound in a blog. I want to be awesome and inspiring. It really is a downfall for me. Because most people aren't going to read my blog for something profound, they are just (maybe) interested in me and my life. They don't have the expectation that I'm going to say anything earth-shattering; but I do. Therefore, that is the reason that it's been like a week between blogs. I am sorry to say, I have nothing profound to say.
I do however, have something to say; so I will stop thinking of the next earth-shattering catch phrase, and just say what I have to say. Mostly that I love life, especially the little things.

So it has been our birthday week this week.. and by we I mean Brian and I. We started the celebration with a gift opening on Sunday night. I gave him a new Starbucks Coffee mug, and he gave me the new dan brown book. as for the book, it's awesome. I've only read like 8 chapters, because I am afraid of not being able to stop reading it once I start.. because already it is good. Brian loves his mug. It was just what he needed!
On Tuesday night we celebrated my birthday with dinner at Acapulco.. we flew all the way there.. hahah just kidding, we went to mexican food! It was delicious.. as always. Brian then gave me some gifts. I got a Tea canister which matches some of the others I have. and As you may see, An awesome coffee mug! I was thinking after I bought his, this is awesome, I could really use a new mug too, and much to my suprise and luck.. (or Brian's awesome husband skills) I recieved a totally awesome one!

I really like it! I also got the jacket I'm wearing in the pic, and a new long sleeve t-shirt! Thanks husband!

On Wed. I had a tea party with some of the girl neighbors, it was a fun time and I'm luck to have friends that live so close!

Brian's birthday was so fun! He had requested dinner at home. I made home-made marinara, for spaghetti. It slow cooked all afternoon, filling the house with a wonderful warm Italian smell. I also made home-made breadsticks.(first time) and they turned out great! it was delicious! We also had a ceasar salad. Everything turned out wonderful. But what was even better was that my husband absolutely loved it! I dressed up and made everything nice. It was a great dinner. I also made a round cake and displayed it ever so nicely on my cake stand. I gave him some shirts, a new chess board, a box of sees chocolate and a carmel apple! He was very happy!
I have really enjoyed this week. I have a wonderful husband that I'm so blessed to have. Forget that I've said lucky a whole bunch of times in this post... what I really am is BLESSED! God is so gracious, he is truly a God of renewal. For he makes all things new. He has blessed me with a good home, a great husband, beautiful weather, great jobs, great family, enough money to pay our bills, great friends, great health, a great church family and so much more! As I look back from last year and forward into this year all I can see or say is that I am so thankful to Jesus for bringing me here. For allowing me all of these blessings! I am awed by the glory of God!
He has truly redeemed me! In him alone I stand. and I am safe.
Lord thank you for this blessed year, I pray you will bless the next one, and all the ones you see fit to give me after that. I pray you'll bless me and Brian. I pray you'll strengthen our marriage and our relationship with you. I pray you'll continue to help us out of debt, and to do good work at our jobs. I pray that you'll help Brian get though this semester and school year. And that you'll guide us in each decision that we make. I pray that you'll help me to continually see how blessed I am in you and that I will continue to love the little things in life! I love you LORD! love me...


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