The Transient

Thursday, October 8, 2009

So I have a semi-new neighbor (no pun intended:which you would only get if you are her, or Brian, but still...) and we have become friends quite easily. We are both around the house a lot of the day, we both love to cook, and are passionate about our husbands. We get along very easily, and I've been so glad she moved in. Yet there is a part of me, a part that says I live in this transient place and in this transient time of life, so I therefore must not become good friends with her. It is tragic! Here we are at this strange place in life, between high school/college/single life and married/career/family life. It is an awesome place to be, don't get me wrong; but it creates in me this sort of guard. It's almost as if something inside of me is saying, "don't become friends here, don't let down your guard, don't let these people really know you" and yet I have spent the entirety of a year groaping around this space for some real good friends. And now, I believe God is giving me one, and as stupid as it sounds, I'm a bit scared. Scared that we'll become good friends and then we won't see each other for like 20 years! I know this is lame. What's so bad about that? Nothing I guess, except for all but one of my close friends live far away from me, or I mean I live far from them and it's kinda hard to keep up friendships over distance. (and yet, it is worth it, and I know that my friends that I have kept over the distance are my true friends) Over all I must say that I am excited, and greatful for my new friend... I suppose all of this is coming up, because the friend I made last year, or at least the one that I have become closest friends with, is moving in December. I am so happy for her and her family, they've been here, living at this college for a long time, so I am happy for them... and I am sad for me. But you know, that's just the thing here, they come and go, and I'm no different. Even now I look forward to the day when we can move somewhere else. Where we can desert what has now become our stomping ground here, and move on, to another transient space; in hope that we will be one step closer to being settled....planted....Home.


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