beauty to bread

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Seriously.. Portland .. Stop Wetting! For those of you not in the Northwest, let me tell you what wetting is. You may know of rain, it falls from clouds, it gets things wet, it makes things grow (along with the sun). What I like to call wetting is not really like rain, it is like one of those misters at the fair that you stand under to cool off. It doesn't seem to fall or rise, just wet the air. Only this is not a hot day, the sun is nowhere to be found, it is cold, and dark... It is my least favorite kind of day, and it is the kind of day that the winter in the Northwest is filled with. But I am supposed to be filled with joy, for Jesus lives inside of me. And I have to say, that even though I feel so lethargic every time it starts wetting, there is still joy. As I walked home from the post office just now I was singing! ! Singing?! I know, it's wetting on me and yet I sing. And I was wearing flip flops, just to reminisce warmth, but as I looked down at my feet I thought, "I love those yellow leaves!" And I do. And now, as I look out the window behind the computer screen, I love those red leaves! I really love the red ones. And seriously, the bush that is outside my window is misted, like the vegetables in the grocery store, but seriously the water is just clinging on for dear life, it is spectacular!

ok, so I think what it is, is that I Love Color! I love the fall, or so I've always said, and you want to know why? Because of the color of course! I mean look, in one picture you get red, green, yellow, orange, purple.


Jesus Is the only reason there is joy in my heart today, He is the only reason their is beauty to revel in. I mean, only He could shake the clouds off of my mind and fill it with wonder of him and his creation. I am so glad for the fall, for the colors in fall. They are so awesome!

I have been putting off writing my blog for a few too many days, I've been in a bit of a slump, what with the wetness beginning. And maybe I'm trying to compensate for my lack of interesting things to say with interesting pictures, but the truth is maybe I do have something interesting to say, and maybe my pictures aren't that great.

What I do have to say is that Jesus amazes me. As I read today in John 6 my heart beat fast with excitement and awe. Jesus miraculously feeds 5000, then they seek him, and he tells them, You're seeking me because you ate and were filled. Then he tells them the bread from the father is the true bread from heaven, and it's this bread who comes down from heaven and gives life to the world! But no, he doesn't stop there and let them try to figure out what he's saying, he tells them next, I AM THE BREAD OF LIFE! He tells them 3 times, he tells them they must eat of this bread to live. They must accept HIM as the Bread! From God! Then about all of them get offended and leave, and then he asks the 12 if they are offended by this, (knowing they are surprised by his sayings). He does not say, "Do all these works and be perfect, and then you can live" NO! he says, Partake of ME! This IS a hard saying! What does it mean? He says that The words he Speaks are Life! He gives his life for the world! He is the bread of life! the Substance of life! Jesus is the God-Man sent down to die, to be betrayed and walked away from, to become a SACRIFICE! Given so we can LIVE! HE GIVES LIFE! it is him. Eat this bread and live forever.


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