Pipe and Passion

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Yesterday while standing in a line in downtown Portland a man walked by; I imagine he was headed home from the work day. He caught my eye because he was smoking a pipe, it was cold, and altough I don't smoke I thought "wow, how comforting that looks in this cold weather." It's not often you see a man smoking a pipe, especially not one wearing converse sneakers and ipod earbuds. Now you probably can see why he caught my eye. I smiled. He was charming in a Portland-Postmodern-do what I like- sort of way. Some of you know that I don't particularly love this city. It is crazy, cold, and concrete and it's just not my favorite place; But I do like watching people, and This city, is one of the best cities for that. The downtown streets are always flooded with a mix of homeless people begging for money, business people moving between public transportation, street preachers, gay activists, families, tourists, and all kinds of different people. It truly is a melting pot city. One thing we all have in common though, we are all people. We were all created by God. He alone sees the true beauty in each one.

This morning while getting ready I looked down into an open drawer in my bathroom and saw a tag that said "Made with Passion". It was a household item, nothing special or significant about it, but when I read that today I thought "God made Me with Passion!" And the truth is; He made all of us with Passion. With Love and Joy and Purpose. He didn't just make us to throw us onto this broken world and test us to see if we could follow him. No! He Made us to proclaim His glory. To show his mercy, his righteousness, his love and forgiveness.

I am truly Blessed that Jesus has sought me and bought me and I hope that he continues to open my eyes to the Beauty and Passion of his creation!


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